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they tell you get where you want to be so i got there broken, on my knees and i realized that there's no way back and you'll damn well die if you don't relax

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"No, it was supposed to be a joke."  Claire crosses her arms.  "Fine.  Maybe not coolbut less terrible.”  

"Hey," the Master says defensively, pointing a long, black fingernail at Claire. "I have not mutilated or murdered you in like, forever. I don’t want to hear a word of complaint out of you."



"A simple ‘no’ would have sufficed.  I’ll just go have fun somewhere else.  I forgot, you’re not cool anymore."  She doesn’t mean that, not really.  

"I was never cool. I’m too busy being a terrible person to be cool," the Master replies gleefully. "Did you really lose your teddy bear, though?"


Did I ever tell u guys about this business card my mom had because let me tell you



      “I lost my teddy bear… can I sleep with you?”

"Claire. Claire, honey. That’s almost as bad as ‘what’s your sign."

"Stop now, before it’s too late."


[Mae makes a face at that but nods along anyway since she can see the logic in their choice.] 

That’s understandable an’ really gross all at once. Kudos to thinkin’ ahead an’ savin’ some for later though. Leftovers night!

[The face that she said it so calmly made her wonder if she should worry about herself before pushing that aside to focus on The Master’s words.]

Why not go for the jugular? If you want to hurt him…hurt the one thing that’s been there for him no matter what. Hurt the TARDIS.

Well, if you ever want to try half-cannibalism, you know where to find me.

[Is she joking? No, probably not. If she was joking, she’d be smiling. She looks dead serious.]

…I was considering nailgunning his boyfriend to it, but that’s only cosmetic damage. You have a point. I’ve done it before. Felt a bit bad about it, though. Still kind of would. I’m not trying to hurt other sentient beings too much, here. Even when I was considering the previous plan of action, it was because I wanted to avoid killing them all. I’m a terrible person, but I have unfortunately come down with a very nasty case of having a conscience, and the fault is entirely my own.

my kokoro is brokoro over elementary

"i loved you very much"

i was on a steady decline until that moment. the decline became very unsteady and i just started crying my eyes out.


"Hi Alice. It’s a pleasure. I’m Dr. Martha Jones."


"You’re the first person who’s answered their door day. Everyone else is out somewhere, I guess. This place seems nice, although I really haven’t had a good look around town yet. 

[ Martha studies the other woman. There is something familiar about her, but she can’t put her finger on it. She is positive she’s never seen her before in her life, but there is something there. And it was almost like  Alice recognized her at first glance as well. ]

"If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from? I just moved from London — you know, big city to little down. Might be a little difficult adjusting."

"You’re a doctor, then? What sort of doctor? I’ve known a few, and they’re all the sort of doctors that aren’t really doctors at all. Oh, I’ve probably stuck my foot in my mouth if you’re not a medical doctor."

[The Master grimaces slightly, looking apologetic. But she knows full well that her feet are firmly in the ground and neither is anywhere near her mouth.]

"And where I’m from? London. Very small hamlet in the north of it, though, so it’s not that big a change for me."

[Martha can ask all the little questions she’d like - the Master has spent the last two hundred years doing this, and has learned by now to make sure the story is straight before moving into any small towns. There’s a paper trail stretching back for miles. The only remotely suspicious thing is where the money comes from - an uncle who committed suicide, and she knows everything about him. More than she should about an uncle, but exactly as much as she should about her last regeneration.]


Because you liked havin’ a perpetually broken back an’ you liked that you could break him?

[She wasn’t sure if that’s exactly what the other had meant but it seemed to fit well enough. One eyebrow rose up slightly.]

There are so, so many things that should be weird to me in that sentence. Should be. But aren’t. Did you smoke the hipster or how did that even work?

[Leaning back against the wall.]

What’re you goin’ to do now?

No, because the irony was too perfect. A hipster that smoked all his life, smoked in death? No, we broiled a leg and froze the rest.

[A pause.]

What am I going to do now… It’s a good question. Initially, I had planned to manipulate all of the Doctor’s loved ones very subtly, until all those relationships became stressful and toxic… I was well on my way until I realized the flaw in my plan. His friends and lovers all have an astoundingly stupid amount of faith in him. I might very well only bring them closer together in the end. So it’s very probably not worth it.

Azula wants to burn him alive… But then he’d only feel a fraction of the pain I went through for him and because of him. I’m not sure what my next move is.

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[Him again. Take a deep breath. Different timeline, different Doctor.]

[Now, whether or not he’ll recognize the Master on sight is the question. She licks her finger and sticks it in the air, trying to determine if she’s downwind or not.]

Nice day for sailing.

[Worst cover story ever.]


So it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I see. I promise that you won’t have to worry about me sayin’ anythin’ about it. To anyone.

[Mae purses her lips slightly, biting down on her bottom lip while she does her best to not speak what’s on her mind. Her best, however valiant it is, isn’t much in the long run.]

An’…I understand but it’s not like it’ll do any good. Unless you feel the need to kill me over an’ over.

Why do you think I never just stayed away from the Doctor, Mae?

[The Master grins wolfishly but playfully.]

I mean, really. I’m still quite proud of the fact that I made it onto Times’ Universe’s Most Wanted List in the 53rd century. I was number two. If you were curious, Loki was number one, and while I was initially quite sore about it, I met Loki a few hundred years ago in my personal timeline and he became quite the close friend until he disappeared off the map. Personally, I think he completely lost it, because the last conversation I had with him was mostly him trying to convince me to let him lick my face. Which is weird enough before you realize that we once went hunting and then ate the game we took down together. It was a very nice meal.

We had hipster. We washed it first, though.

So understandably, I was hesitant to have his mouth in the vicinity of my flesh.


[She hears it. She hears it and feels her stomach turn uncomfortably as she sits outside the room. Hearing the way that she was crying almost made her feel like she was intruding. When the Master comes back out, Mae slowly rises to her feet.]

I did. But I can forget it if y’need me to. 

[Her mouth opens and closes briefly before clearing her throat.]

With all due respect, darlin’? If you didn’t care about Ravensdale you wouldn’t’ve cried like your hearts just got ripped out. The part about the Doctor I believe without a doubt.

[The Master laughs a little, glancing downwards.]

You misunderstand me. I cared. I cared quite a bit. But not that much. No, there are a whole host of reasons for my hearts being ripped out, though I’ll admit his death was chiefest amongst them. You needn’t forget you cried, so long as you keep your mouth shut about it. I had promised myself no one would ever see me cry again, and technically you haven’t, but I don’t intend for others to find out I still have emotions besides hate and anger… That I have vulnerabilities. I trust you understand, and what will likely happen to you if you forget.


"Hi! I’ve just moved in next door, thought I’d say hello!"


      [ They don’t know her here. Don’t know what’s she done or how many times the cops should have caught her and didn’t. (Which, in all honesty, she couldn’t understand. She left obvious clues at the crime scene too.) No, this was a fresh start — just like the last one. She’d settle into society, and then she’d s t r i k e . ]

          “Seems like a nice neighborhood, though I’m not one to judge.
                            You know, only been here a few minutes and all.”


"I really wouldn’t know. I just moved in myself, and I only did so because there were vacancies open for immediate occupation. I didn’t really research the neighborhood."

[The Master shrugs. No one knows her anywhere yet because of the massive change, but that won’t last for long. Pity, really, that she’s run headfirst into one of the most clever humans the Doctor’s ever cavorted with across the cosmos, and easily the most determined. She could have probably squeezed out a few decades before her face was plastered over half the galaxies’ most wanted lists.]

[She resists the urge to smack herself in the face, because with that thought comes the glaring hole in her statement - the fully furnished flat, that she luckily hasn’t opened the door to yet. The Master finishes unlocking the door and turns to Martha, plastering on a pleasant smile.]

Hi, I’m Alice.

it’s nice that the trek fandom has had a massive resurgence and all but where the fuck are the next generation rpers

more importantly

where are the guinan rpers