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Because you liked havin’ a perpetually broken back an’ you liked that you could break him?

[She wasn’t sure if that’s exactly what the other had meant but it seemed to fit well enough. One eyebrow rose up slightly.]

There are so, so many things that should be weird to me in that sentence. Should be. But aren’t. Did you smoke the hipster or how did that even work?

[Leaning back against the wall.]

What’re you goin’ to do now?

No, because the irony was too perfect. A hipster that smoked all his life, smoked in death? No, we broiled a leg and froze the rest.

[A pause.]

What am I going to do now… It’s a good question. Initially, I had planned to manipulate all of the Doctor’s loved ones very subtly, until all those relationships became stressful and toxic… I was well on my way until I realized the flaw in my plan. His friends and lovers all have an astoundingly stupid amount of faith in him. I might very well only bring them closer together in the end. So it’s very probably not worth it.

Azula wants to burn him alive… But then he’d only feel a fraction of the pain I went through for him and because of him. I’m not sure what my next move is.

Save Rock and Roll
Track: Where Did the Party Go
Artist: Fall Out Boy
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[Him again. Take a deep breath. Different timeline, different Doctor.]

[Now, whether or not he’ll recognize the Master on sight is the question. She licks her finger and sticks it in the air, trying to determine if she’s downwind or not.]

Nice day for sailing.

[Worst cover story ever.]


So it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I see. I promise that you won’t have to worry about me sayin’ anythin’ about it. To anyone.

[Mae purses her lips slightly, biting down on her bottom lip while she does her best to not speak what’s on her mind. Her best, however valiant it is, isn’t much in the long run.]

An’…I understand but it’s not like it’ll do any good. Unless you feel the need to kill me over an’ over.

Why do you think I never just stayed away from the Doctor, Mae?

[The Master grins wolfishly but playfully.]

I mean, really. I’m still quite proud of the fact that I made it onto Times’ Universe’s Most Wanted List in the 53rd century. I was number two. If you were curious, Loki was number one, and while I was initially quite sore about it, I met Loki a few hundred years ago in my personal timeline and he became quite the close friend until he disappeared off the map. Personally, I think he completely lost it, because the last conversation I had with him was mostly him trying to convince me to let him lick my face. Which is weird enough before you realize that we once went hunting and then ate the game we took down together. It was a very nice meal.

We had hipster. We washed it first, though.

So understandably, I was hesitant to have his mouth in the vicinity of my flesh.


[She hears it. She hears it and feels her stomach turn uncomfortably as she sits outside the room. Hearing the way that she was crying almost made her feel like she was intruding. When the Master comes back out, Mae slowly rises to her feet.]

I did. But I can forget it if y’need me to. 

[Her mouth opens and closes briefly before clearing her throat.]

With all due respect, darlin’? If you didn’t care about Ravensdale you wouldn’t’ve cried like your hearts just got ripped out. The part about the Doctor I believe without a doubt.

[The Master laughs a little, glancing downwards.]

You misunderstand me. I cared. I cared quite a bit. But not that much. No, there are a whole host of reasons for my hearts being ripped out, though I’ll admit his death was chiefest amongst them. You needn’t forget you cried, so long as you keep your mouth shut about it. I had promised myself no one would ever see me cry again, and technically you haven’t, but I don’t intend for others to find out I still have emotions besides hate and anger… That I have vulnerabilities. I trust you understand, and what will likely happen to you if you forget.


"Hi! I’ve just moved in next door, thought I’d say hello!"


      [ They don’t know her here. Don’t know what’s she done or how many times the cops should have caught her and didn’t. (Which, in all honesty, she couldn’t understand. She left obvious clues at the crime scene too.) No, this was a fresh start — just like the last one. She’d settle into society, and then she’d s t r i k e . ]

          “Seems like a nice neighborhood, though I’m not one to judge.
                            You know, only been here a few minutes and all.”


"I really wouldn’t know. I just moved in myself, and I only did so because there were vacancies open for immediate occupation. I didn’t really research the neighborhood."

[The Master shrugs. No one knows her anywhere yet because of the massive change, but that won’t last for long. Pity, really, that she’s run headfirst into one of the most clever humans the Doctor’s ever cavorted with across the cosmos, and easily the most determined. She could have probably squeezed out a few decades before her face was plastered over half the galaxies’ most wanted lists.]

[She resists the urge to smack herself in the face, because with that thought comes the glaring hole in her statement - the fully furnished flat, that she luckily hasn’t opened the door to yet. The Master finishes unlocking the door and turns to Martha, plastering on a pleasant smile.]

Hi, I’m Alice.

it’s nice that the trek fandom has had a massive resurgence and all but where the fuck are the next generation rpers

more importantly

where are the guinan rpers


THE RULER&THE KILLER | a playlist for that ethereal couple, who for all their softness with one another, can take a kingdom down from within to it’s barest foundations. [ listen ]

i. kid cudi — the ruler & the killer // ii. lorde — glory and gore // iii. florence + the machine —seven devils (kraddy remix) // iv. the white stripes — seven nation army (glitch mob remix) // v.alpines — empire (creep mix) // vi. yeah yeah yeahs — heads will roll (a-trak remix) // vii.professor green ft. sierra kusterbeck — avalon (patrick hagenaar club mix) // viii. yeasayer —rome

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music note

Rat a Tat by Fall Out Boy

Our guts can’t be reworked, as alone as a little white church in the middle of the desert getting burned. But I’ll take your heart served up two ways. I sing a bitter song. I’m a lonelier version of you, I just don’t know where I went wrong.

I had a hard time picking some lyrics, because so many of them are so perfect like holy shit. It’s also perfect for the War Doctor, incidentally, but in a wholly different way. The War Doctor wanted to try to change what he thought he did, my Master gave up on trying to change who he knew he was. Either way, it’s a song about the tragedy of who you are. As far as inspiration goes, it actually reminds me, with the line “if love is a weapon” that my Master has a set of rules, and one of them is that everything is a weapon, no question about it, and that he broke his own rules trying to change.

Music note thing

Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event

And then you feed me some line - I won’t hear one more word about changing, changing. Guess what? I am the same man, same man, same man I always was.

This is a song I used to associate with the Doctor, but these days, I definitely associate it with the Master more, because I think it’s more of a bitter song, and while you could point the finger at the way he grew up turning him into a monster, there are plenty of people (myself included) who had astoundingly shitty lives who decided to say fuck you to the world and not let it get them down. So really, the Master never changed so much as he showed his true colors.

For every ♪ in my inbox I’ll post a song I listen to for character inspiration.


And I may also briefly state why.

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My roommate and I are really sick and we look like shit, but we were hungry so we ordered pizza.
But we didn’t want anyone to see us, so we asked them over the phone if we can leave the money on the door and they can just drop off the pizza.

The guy said sure.

So we decided to leave a nice little note


and we hung it above the door bell. I hope they like it!




pizza cares

Pizza understands

Take This To Your Grave
Track: "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today"
Artist: Fall Out Boy


Art dump part 4

okay story time

so my art teacher assigned us to do a chalk pastel still life of fruits n shit and I was like “no”

so I drew a banana instead.

and my teacher came by like “you need to have more than one fruit in your still life”

so I was like “k”

and so I put that cherry on top of the banana and titled it “Banana Split Without The Ice Cream Because Life Is Full Of Disappointments: By Fall Out Boy" and I turned that shit in.

My art teacher just started laughing out loud in the middle of class

i hope OP got full marks because that title is the most beautiful piece of art i have ever seen

I feel like I could carry on a conversation in only Fall Out Boy quotes… You know what, like this for a Fall Out Boy quote starter, and we’ll see if I can manage it. If not I’ll expand my choices to the entire pop punk genre, then give up entirely.